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 天域公司         電話: (852) 2581-4322          電郵         地址: 香港上環蘇杭街19-25號永昌商業大廈13樓 B室

Teamwork Office Automation Co.         Tel: (852) 2581-4322          Email:          Address: Unit B Floor 13, Wing Cheong Commercial Building, Jervois Street 19-25, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


GBC CombBind C210 Binder  
ideal for offices with frequent binding requirements. It combines a punch capacity of up to 25 80gsm sheets with a binding capability of up to 450 sheets usingg 51mm spines.
CombBind C250Pro Comb Binder  
Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets
CombBind C800Pro Comb Binder  
21 Selector pins to accomodate any size paper.
CombBind C450E Binder  
Binds up to 450 sheets with a 51mm comb
Neptune 5 膠圈裝訂機  
Neptune 6 電動膠圈裝訂機  
Neptune 34a+電動鐵圈裝訂機  
Neptune Sk-5000熱能裝訂機(新機)  
Winbind 239S 熱能裝訂機   
RENZ Combi S 德國膠圈裝訂機  
RENZ Combi Comfort Electric Comb Binder  
RENZ Combi E HD Electric Comb Binder  
RENZ SRW 360-3:1 Manual Binder (Wire)  
RENZ SRW 360 Comfort -3:1 Electric Binder (Wire)  
RENZ ERW-3:1 High Speed Electric Binder (Wire)  
RENZ DTP-HD Electric Punching Machine  
Fellowes Star+150 巨星手動膠圈釘裝機 A4  
Fellowes Pulsar+ 300 脈動星 膠圈裝釘機  
Fellowes Galaxy™ 500 銀河手動膠圈釘裝機  
Fellowes Orion 500 獵戶座手動膠圈釘裝機  
Fellowes Pulsar-E 300 電脈動星 膠圈裝釘機  
Fellowes Quasar E500 電遙遠星 電動膠圈釘裝機  
Fellowes Orion E500 電獵戶座 電動膠圈釘裝機  
Fellowes Galaxy-E500 電銀河 膠圈裝釘機  
Fellowes Quasar 鐵遙遠星 鐵圈裝釘機  
Fellowes Galaxy-E 電動鐵銀河 鐵圈裝釘機  
Fellowes Galaxy Wire 鐵銀河鐵圈釘裝機  
GBC C800 Pro 釘裝機  
QUPA D600 4 in 1 文件裝訂機  
海皇星8a 膠圈釘裝機  


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