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 天域公司         電話: (852) 2581-4322          電郵         地址: 香港上環蘇杭街19-25號永昌商業大廈13樓 B室

Teamwork Office Automation Co.         Tel: (852) 2581-4322          Email:          Address: Unit B Floor 13, Wing Cheong Commercial Building, Jervois Street 19-25, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


Alaris S2050 Scanner  
Alaris S2050 Scanner (Duplex, A4, 50ppm, 5K/day)
Alaris S2070 Scanner  
Alaris S2070 Scanner (Duplex, A4, 70ppm, 7K/day)
Alaris Integrated A4/Legal Size Flatbed Accessory  
Kodak A3 Flatbed Accessory  
Kodak i2900 Scanner  
Kodak i2900 Scanner (Duplex, A4, 60ppm, 10K / day, Flatbed built-in)
Kodak i3200 Duplex Scanner  
Kodak i3200 Duplex Scanner (A3, 50ppm, 15K / day)
Kodak i3250 Duplex Scanner  
Kodak i3250 Duplex Scanner (A3, 50ppm, A4 flatbed)
Kodak i3300 Duplex Scanner   
Kodak i3300 Duplex Scanner (A3, 70ppm, 17.5K /day)
Kodak i3400 Duplex Scanner  
Kodak i3400 Duplex Scanner (A3, 90ppm, 20K / day)
Kodak i3450 Duplex Scanner  
Kodak i3450 Duplex Scanner (A3, 90ppm, A4 flatbed)
Kodak i3500 Duplex Scanner  
Kodak i3500 Duplex Scanner (A3, 110ppm, 25K/day)
HP Scanjet 200 Flatbed Scanner  
Capture high-quality images and start sharing quickly. Scan at high resolution, edit photos, and save documents to digital files.
HP Scanjet 5590 Digital Flatbed Scanner  
HP Scanjet N6310 Document Flatbed Scanner  
HP Scanjet Pro 3000 s2 Sheet-feed Scanner  
HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow 7500 Flatbed Scanner  
Epson Workforce DS-30  
Epson WorkForce DS-510  
Epson WorkForce DS-6500  
Epson EXPRESSION 12000XL  
A3 圖像掃描器


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