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Teamwork Office Automation Co.         Tel: (852) 2581-4322          Email:          Address: Unit B Floor 17, Wing Cheong Commercial Building, Jervois Street 19-25, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Kobra +2

  • Transparent opening lid with automatic suspension closing
  • 2 shredder functions: sheet paper or CD-Roms, DVDs and credit cards
  • 2 separate sets of cutting blades: one for paper and one for CD-ROMs, DVDs and credit cards
  • 2 distinct integrated removable containers to separate shredded paper and plastic and no need for waste bags
  • "Mobile Protection System" security with dual electronic sensors which cut off machine operation as soon as the lid is raised
  • Wide throat at the front for convenient shredding of flat sheets of paper
  • Available in 4 models for strip shredding
  • Shreds up to 26 sheets of paper at a time
  • “Energy Smart” System: zero power consumption on stand-by
  • 24 hours continuous duty operation without overheating or duty cycles; 
    Kobra+2 SS4 and Kobra+2 SS7 are equipped with a low noise high performance motor
  • Automatic Start/Stop through electronic eyes
  • Automatic Reverse System in case of paper jam
  • Automatic stop for bin removal


Kobra +2
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