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 天域公司         電話: (852) 2581-4322          電郵         地址: 香港上環蘇杭街19-25號永昌商業大廈13樓 B室

Teamwork Office Automation Co.         Tel: (852) 2581-4322          Email:          Address: Unit B Floor 13, Wing Cheong Commercial Building, Jervois Street 19-25, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

GBC Auto+600M

GBC Auto+600M (2x15mm)

Security Level: P-5

Cutting Style: Micro Cut

Cutting Size: 2x15mm

Cutting Capacity (80gsm): 600 sheets, 9 sheets bypass

Bin Capacity: 80L

Dimensions (WxDxH): 570x528x817mm

Shred: Papers, Staples, paper clips, CDs and credit cards

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